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Me, a work of Art ?
Sunday 14 December 2008

Yes, life wants you!

Since our origins which render us equal – the astonishing union of two biological cells: the maternal ovum and the paternal sperm – each one of us is a sculpture of life unlike any other. As each one of us, wished for by Life, wishing to Live in you, you alone are intensely present, at every moment, in the intimacy of your own skin, from the day of your conception till the day you die. Desired be life, essentially unique, irreplaceable, inalienable, you are to come, wishing for your own life: your own tree, made up of your own hollows and your own bumps, linked together and straightened up, pushing you towards and against everything. You are a perfect note, a link being present in the world, which, in the unlimited continuity of the living chain, is you, is just the right note;! Your tuning fork,your work of art are imperative to the harmony of the great living musical ensemble. It is your freedom and your dignity to allow yourself to be this unique work of art, this exception that you are. Your elevation in the universal humanisation process is your work as a human being!

How Good it is that you are there!


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