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4th International Congres - ISAP - Athens - 5-8th July 1995
The top-level adolescent sports and "his" injury
Chairman : Dr. Max Sugar Psychiatry Suite 300 4740 S. 1-10 SERVICE ROAD W. METAIRIE , LA 70001, USA — Author : Dr. Claire Carrier
samedi 8 juillet 1995
! Only the abstract is available in English !
Criteria which allow us to analyse the phenomenon of sports performance at adolescence take into account and link together parameters which are as different as the psycho-social references that apply to belonging to the microcosim of sports performance as defined by society as a whole ; psycho-physiological repercussions are necessarily set into action because of the rearrangement of bodily homeostasis which is already disturbed by puberty ; the process of adolescence ; reorganisation of body image , with, on the one hand a constant (...)

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